sexta-feira, outubro 24, 2008

Espaço ao Sobrenatural (uma rubrica ficcional)

Natal People (daqui)

"A recent medical innovation holds out the promise that this might be the first generation of transsexuals who can live inconspicuously. About three years ago, physicians in the U.S. started treating transgender children with puberty blockers, drugs originally intended to halt precocious puberty. The blockers put teens in a state of suspended development. They prevent boys from growing facial and body hair and an Adam’s apple, or developing a deep voice or any of the other physical characteristics that a male-to-female transsexual would later spend tens of thousands of dollars to reverse. They allow girls to grow taller, and prevent them from getting breasts or a period."


Observatório Homofobia/Transfobia na Saúde @ Médicos Pela Escolha